You can treat Litesound as you like, but you definitely can’t remain indifferent. Litesound fought their way to both the rock and pop scene, Eurovision and the first echelon of the most discussed Belarusian musicians. And this is despite the fact that at the time when they have began their career and have released their first tracks no one could have imagined that this juicy alternative rock on local radio stations has not Californian, but Minsk roots.

The history of the band is anything but ordinary. Two brothers started playing in... China, where a family of musicians lived at that time. Despite the fact that the youngest of them was under 14 years old, it was not difficult for him to repeat any guitar solo of Slash or any other rock icon. For several years there have been victories at music competitions in China, Europe and the United States. And then they have had returned to Belarus, where they had to start everything from scratch.

Litesound was the most frequently discussed band as soon as their first tracks began to appear on radio stations. The debut album Going to Hollywood was sold out in 2 weeks. The band pleased with quality rock unusual for the their geography, without diluting it with a local accent. Litesound expressed themselves in its own way - the band participated in national selections for the right to represent Belarus at Eurovision for 5 years in a row, twice remaining a step away from victory. Formally, in 2012, Litesound prevailed but the first prize was given to the guys only after the scandal with the falsification of voting results, which outraged not only thousands of viewers, but even representatives of some members of the jury of the competition. The results of the investigation and recognition of Litesound’s victory were announced personally by the President of the country. However, as expected, the scandal did not pass without a trace, and the band was included in the lists of “undesirable” artists, without having a song with political overtones in its repertoire. But this is unlikely to stop pop rock rebels.

The superpower of Litesound is the ability to perfectly work live, improvise, make their way without big sponsors or at least a label behind them. Litesound has the ability to constantly find new challenges. At the same time, all songs and studio production and even music videos - from the screenplay to post-production - are invariably made by the hands of the band members themselves. This musical phenomenon has rightfully earned a place in the Hall of Fame of people devoted to their dream.


Damon Karakin (vocals, guitars)

Vladimir Karakin (guitars, vocals)

Eugen Balchus (bass, vocals)

Мax Bob (drums)


The band has two studio albums
Going to Hollywood

Also, numerous singles and more than 15 music videos have been released.


Litesound Recorded the song The Life - the soundtrack to the commercial of MTS (Mobile Provider) becoming the musical face of this largest international cellular company. In 2011, Litesound recorded official song for Spartak ice hockey team and the handball club Dynamo Minsk. Also in 2011, the soundtrack to the Danone commercial was recorded.

Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Litesound won a high-profile victory at the Eurovision qualifying round in Belarus and represented the country on Eurovision 2012. On January 14, 2013, Litesound received the prestigious Eurostar Award, gaining more than 14 thousand votes and thereby ahead of Eurovision 2012 winner Loreen by 10,000 votes.

Ice Hockey World Championship

Litesound won the competition for the best song (anthem) of the 2014 IIHF World Championship. During the championship, a video for the song was presented.

“Hochu k Meladze”

The band’s vocalist Damon Karakin made a furor in the first round of the show, receiving positive reviews from all members of the jury, and Konstantin Meladze, producer of the show, called Damon “the ideal participant of the boy band he is trying to get to”. Damon’s video of his performance on the show gained more than half a million views on YouTube. Damon managed to successfully get into the final of show.


Litesound created the soundtrack “UFO” for the show of the same name by brothers Edgard and Askold Zapashnykh. On March 3, 2015, a video shot in cooperation with the Big Moscow State Circus was released.
Litesound along with their former member Alex Kolchin released a video for a cover version of the song that represented Russia at Eurovision 2015 - “A Million Voices”. This video became the most popular cover of Polina Gagarina’s song.


In the summer of 2017, the band began studio work on a new record. The album “LITESOUND” was released on September 30, 2018, it included 14 tracks. the band’s famous hits, such as We Are The Heroes and Undress You were included as well as completely new songs.

Champion - Song for the Second European Games

Litesound took part in the song contest of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Second European Games 2019. Specially written for the European Games, the song “Champion” entered the second round and won the audience vote of the best song for the games competition. By the decision of the jury, “Champion” was among the three winners.

On August 23, 2019, the band’s new single, Arcade Games, was released.

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